June 15, 2015

hat: new york city gift shop
jean jacket: gap (old)
dress: gap (this dress is the best. so soft and flowy and perfect for summer.)
birkenstocks: ebay

the other day beej and i visited beej's mom at the nursery where she works. it was gigantic. all sorts of plants and flowers and trees and everything you could imagine everywhere. we snapped a few pics while we wandered around. 

today was a good day, one that i want to remember. it was beej's day off, but i still had work. while i worked on some projects, he mowed the lawn and did some things around the house. then for my lunch break we headed to some tennis courts right by our house. they're in the cutest little spot with vines growing on the fence, and they had just been resurfaced, which makes playing tennis so much better. i love me some fresh red and green paint with crisp white lines. :)

well, i won't lie. i struggle playing with beginners. not just beej, but any beginner. so sometimes beej hates playing with me because he thinks i'm annoyed the whole time ;) so i've made a conscious effort to be more patient when we play and really nice about having to fetch balls that go over the fence. anyway, today we sort of made it a workout. every time either one of us missed a ball, we had to do five jumping squats. we were both laughing so hard every time someone hit a ball in the net. it actually helped beej get more balls in because he didn't want to do more squats! haha we were having 4-5 ball rallies! ya baby! he really did so good today.

we went home and made chicken lettuce wraps and then i got back to work. after i was done for the day we went back to play some more tennis (he wanted to keep playing because of his hot streak earlier!), but it started down pouring after about five minutes, so we went home and watched the rain from the porch together, which was so fun to me. we just sat there, mostly in silence, watching the rain. it was a simple, non-eventful day, but it made me grateful for the little things.

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  1. girl! CUTEST blog post! I love your outfit :) and who is taking these adorable pictures of you?! YOU LOOK AMAZING. We need to catch up and talk on the phone, for REALZ! I know we have been texting but I feel like there is so much to catch up on.

    I am glad you are posting again! love you :)