June 25, 2015

striped tee: j.crew
denim jeans: j. crew
yellow heels: asos
black frames: madewell 

two words: j.crew sale! hot mama. i love when they have their 50% and 60% sale. yesterday only (they're running different sales each day i think) they had an extra 50% off sale items and even 60% off final sale items. today is 30% off, so not quite as steep of a discount, but still a discount!

i never buy anything full price. unless it's an item that i think would sell out for sure. but even then, i have to be completely obsessed with it. for example, i bought this oversized trench coat from gap last winter at full price, only because i knew it was a unique item that season and i also knew i would wear it over and over forever. so i got it and sure enough it was sold out in my size shortly after. and gap is the one place i never buy anything full price at because almost everything goes on sale eventually, with the exception of unique and really popular items. those usually sell out, or when it does go on sale they never have my size! in the case of my trench coat, it ended up selling out so i'm glad i snagged it early! 

also, these black chunky frames are my jam. i love dramatic and bold and crazy glasses. i think glasses are the cutest accessory. i need to take them to my eye doctor to get my prescription put in! anyway, both madewell and j.crew sell these exact same frames, the super ciccio, except they are discounted at madewell right now with an extra 30% off. so boom boom, double win.

taking these pictures was hilarious. we took them out by a busy road so obviously people are wondering what the heck we're doing while they're stopped at the light. some people were waving, some people were screaming, some people were just creepily staring. but i've just decided not to care and not to feel awkward, so here's to not caring!!!!

now go get your shop on!

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