July 16, 2015

 ^i love this photo. siblings are the best thing ever, and i'm so grateful for mine. i'll never take 'em for granted. my dad basically drilled it into our heads at a young age to always be there for each other and to always take care of one another. that's one lesson i'll be forever thankful for. (we missed you, mala!)^

these are the rest of the pictures from our quick california trip a couple weekends back. we were so exhausted from friday night, we slept in late the following saturday. we got all checked out of our hotel and headed straight to santa monica beach. we hadn't eaten anything, so we grabbed yogurtland on the way. (i'm sure my brother wouldn't have minded eating real food for lunch ;) he's a trooper with so many girls!) the beach was rainy and the ocean water was cold, but mary and olivia wanted to swim regardless. as for me, there was no way in heck i was getting in the water. at one point, jared laid down on someone's yogurt cup, which got all over our big blanket. when we were leaving no one wanted to carry it, so glo said, "should we just throw it away?" haha don't worry, we're not that lazy. our trustworthy brother carried it.

we didn't stay long in santa monica before we met up with our uncle pasa and cousin line at sunset beach. we left a few things with my uncle to take back to utah for my dad, and then we went in search for real food. by that time, everyone was officially starving and ready to eat each other.

we ended up at a random pizza place down the street, which i thought was pretty good. but now i wonder if it's just because i was so hungry. glo was not a fan. when we were ordering, my sister mary did not want pepperoni or sausage (who is this child!), but of course when you're still considered a child you don't really get to make decisions for the whole group ;) so we told her if we finished the first pizza, she could order the next one. well, we finished the first pizza. so she got to order the next one, which was a large pizza with just mushrooms and black olives (i'm gagging). i was sort of excited for another slice until i heard what she ordered.

after pizza, we didn't have a hotel for that night. we had only booked two nights at our previous hotel and then didn't really have a game plan for the following night. so while the rest of us were being super loud and obnoxious in the car (i was having a laughing attack for 15 minutes and couldn't stop), my brother called i don't know how many places in search for a hotel that was reasonably priced but also available that night. he was having no luck. so glo decided to help him out. the first hotel she called was a marriott that happened to be right down the street, it was reasonably priced, and they had a room available. we had a good laugh about glo getting us a hotel on her first try haha. we still love you, jared!

we got checked into our hotel, everyone freshened up for the night, and we headed back to santa monica to do some shopping. i got my brother hooked on the serial podcast while we were there, so while we shopped, he just wandered around with his headphones on, following us from shop to shop. it was kind of hilarious because we'd have to yell at him to get his attention, so i think people thought he was deaf.

after we shopped, we went back to the hotel and went on the hunt for ben&jerry's. we tried three different places and none had ben&jerry's! finally we tried target, which had it, but no strawberry shortcake or cookie dough! however, any flavor of ben&jerry's is better than no ben&jerry's, so i'll take it. we went back to the hotel, cuddled up on the bed with our pints of ice cream, and watched tv. now that's my kinda night! the four of us girls slept on the king size bed, while jared took the pullout. and in my family, everyone likes sleeping by or with each other. maybe it's a big family thing, but we've all been like that since i can remember. we're all snugglers, too! so no one really complains about having to pile into one bed (except for if one of the littles gets smushed by a bigger person). when livie was six or seven, me and gloria would force her to cuddle with us. yeah...we're cuddle hogs.

the next morning, we skipped church and planned to go to the LA temple. the original plan for the day before was to go to disneyland, but since mary and i were the only ones that wanted to go, we were outvoted. so our dad, being the kind and generous man that he is, told us to go out to eat somewhere fancy. which is what we did. we went to a nice italian restaurant and everyone ordered whatever they wanted. (thanks dad) after that, we headed to the temple and walked around for a little bit. the LA temple is one of my favorites. we grabbed some cupcakes and banana pudding (omg! the best) from magnolia bakery after, since the tiramisu we had at lunch wasn't enough ;) the kiddies dropped me off at the airport after and then they roadtripped back to arizona. it was such a fun weekend, but it's always weird when not everyone is there (we missed you beej, mom, dad, and mala!)

other LA highlights:
1. listening to roses by chainsmokers on repeat. it was our trip theme song.
2. gloria being the baby whisperer. every baby wants her to hold them. i kid you not. 
3. olivia saying, "every time mary comes over here, it smells." (for the record, mary did not smell)
4. i finally found someone (my cousin pete) who recorded a video of my sisters singing at my wedding! they sang the same song for my cousin rachael and her husband.
5. mary saying, "i need to look up this starbucks recipe" and me being totally confused as to why starbucks wouldn't know their recipes. it took a minute to clear that up. (it's really just some secret recipe online where you tell them how many pumps you want of what! haha)

see ya next time CA!

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