July 2, 2015

last weekend i met four of my siblings in california for our cousin rachael's wedding! my sister gloria was in the line and my two youngest sisters were singing a song. since my dad had to work and my mom was in new orleans with our other sister mala, it was just the five of us.

i flew in and the kiddies picked me up from the airport. even though i love california, the traffic makes me so nervous! even at 9 o'clock pm it's hectic. i got in the car and saw that they were not wearing their seatbelts! i about had a heart attack. so of course i'm like "why is no one wearing their seatbelts?! everybody get 'em on now!" of course in a nice, loving voice. we made a quick run through in n' out and crashed at the hotel. we had one room at the hotel where all of our family was staying so me, gloria, and olivia slept in one bed while jared and mary slept in the other. our poor brother does a fantastic job with so many sisters.

the next day was the wedding. it was a very traditional tongan wedding, which is always really fun and entertaining. we went to the ceremony that morning, grabbed some thai food at a yummy place in ontario, then headed straight to the venue for the reception to set up. the reception was from 4-11 so about a party. one of my cousins had triplets five months ago and we could not get enough of them. so cute it might have made me a little baby hungry.

these are pictures from the wedding day!

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