July 7, 2015

backyard camping! woke up to the sunrise and it was so calm and pretty outside.
 it's like we're not actually in a tent.
 made deviled eggs for the first time!
 kashlee did not want to take this picture with me.
 beej's hair is out of control right now. he's trying to grow it out until all of his hair can fit in a pony! (i love me a good man pony) right now the sides are doin' their own thing. also, don't mind bj painting his cousin's fingernails.
 beej's baby doppleganger.
 so many salads. and so much mayo in those salads.
 our attempt at taking a cute sparkler picture.
beej and i both got work off this past friday, so we started the festivities thursday night. heck yeah to long weekends, especially when that long weekend is over the fourth of july. (it's seriously the best when the fourth falls on a saturday!) our weekend was filled with lots of food, camping, babies, a parade, roasting starbursts, slip-n-slides, BBQing, fireworks, and hot hot heat. i really didn't want it to end.

usually if my family happens to be in utah over the fourth, we split the day or something, but this year they were in arizona so we spent the weekend with beej's family. the fourth of july is beej's most favorite holiday. he loves it more than all the holidays combined, and his family goes all out. my family is the type who plays it by ear every year, but beej's family has had the same tradition for years. 

to kick off the long weekend, we roasted starbursts over a fire and camped in the backyard thursday night. i seriously love camping in the backyard! it's so much fun. our tent doesn't even feel like we're sleeping in a tent when we take the cover off. it's like we're just sleeping out on the grass under the stars. i woke up to the sunrise, which was so beautiful. i don't wake up early enough these days to catch the sunrise, so that was a treat. we spent the majority of friday getting ready for saturday. i was basically my mother-in-law's sous chef. i started off making deviled eggs, and when i finished those, i wanted to keep making stuff. so she kept finding things for me to make, or things for me to cut. also, i've never seen so much mayo used in all my life. like we used so much mayo. i think it went into every salad, except for the green salad. everyone was coming over the next day so we spent all of friday getting everything ready. beej mowed the lawn, we played with all the toys in the backyard, including that catch and throw game with the velcro mitts (i find it somewhat addicting), we ordered pizza hut (because ya know...when you cook all day the next thing to do is order pizza and have it delivered to your door), we hung out with our niece kashlee (who throws more tantrums than i remember), and we watched the last episode of MASH. we also fell asleep on our living room floor, which is five feet from our bed. i'm still not sure how that happens. 

saturday morning we met up with beej's extended family at the park, where they set up in the same spot every year. and holy cow was it hot. we watched the parade go through, which was a lot of fun. the best part might have been our niece kashlee having a heart attack throughout it. i have so many videos of her screaming at the top of her lungs. you could tell she was trying to like all the commotion and sirens going off since everyone else seemed to like it, so sometimes she'd start laughing, but then she'd start crying, and then she'd start screaming. by the end of it, she had calmed down. but if any of us went onto part of the road she would tell us to get back! haha it was hysterical.

after the parade, we headed back to the house where we had a BBQ and hung out for the rest of the day. i ate so much food. it was like thanksgiving dinner. i honestly felt like i was in a food coma for three hours after. that night we watched fireworks back at the park. it was so windy though and it looked like a storm was rolling in, so we didn't think fireworks were gonna happen. but it eventually cleared up and we cuddled up and watched the sky light up.

i'm so grateful to be an american and for all the freedoms i'm blessed with. i'm also thankful for the people who fight to protect my freedom. i feel so very fortunate. god bless america!

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