August 15, 2015

 i just got home a few days ago from a two-week family trip to hawaii. it was honestly one of the best, if not the best, family vacations we've had. usually when we go to hawaii, we stay for a week or so, but at the end of every trip we always say we should stay longer! so this time we finally did, and i'll treasure the memories we made as a family forever. i'm super thankful to my parents for everything they did for us on this trip. they are literal super humans. 

this was probably the last trip with just siblings and parents. (the original 8!) my husband had to stay behind for work (i missed him so much!) and i'm the only one married right now, so it was just us. i'm sure by the next big family trip, it won't be just siblings and parents. which don't get me wrong, adding spouses and babies will be amazing, but there's also something special about just being with the ones you grew up with. (or maybe for all i know, i'll be the only one married for awhile, and we'll be doing this again!) i love that anyone in my family can say, act, or do whatever the heck they want and the love is always the same. no judging or hate ever. we tease each other and have normal sibling drama, but at the end of the day, we all know the love is real.

i was lucky enough to work from hawaii for the two weeks, while still getting to spend quality time with my family (perks of being a writer!). before the trip, i prepared myself for a long two weeks as i knew i would have to work 5 am-1pm every day to match utah time. but for me, it was more than worth it. i kept telling everyone yolo people! yolo! this is what life is all about! the nice part of waking up that early was catching the sunrise every morning and still having the majority of the day to go do things. i didn't miss out on too much. i've mentioned this before, but i totally have FOMO (fear of missing out). especially when it comes to family stuff. i think it's mostly because i like being there for my family and being apart of the memories. i know, i'm weird, but i don't care! i am the way that i am! my family always teases me about it. but i think everyone in my family has a little bit of it ;) anyway, i usually just met up with everyone after i was done with work. (i did miss out on a huge family hike to a waterfall with all of our cousins one morning that i was super bummed about!) i was usually one of the last to go to bed (there were a few nights i was the first to fall asleep somewhere random in the house) and always the first to wake up (my mom was completely amazed by this), so i may have pushed my limits, since i did get sick a few days into the trip. but don't worry, that didn't stop me. i completely pushed through my cold and just pretended not to be sick, despite the nasty cough and crackling voice. luckily, i was only sick for a couple of days.

it was somewhat hilarious working with my family around on this trip. i'd usually get a solid 4-5 hours of complete silence in the mornings, but then everyone would wake up and start getting ready for the day. sometimes i'd go out to the patio or i'd just work in the commotion and put my headphones on. i collaborate with another copywriter for the majority of the day via video chat. in one call, my sister glo was walking around in a towel behind me and then came and kissed me on the head. something i'm not even phased by, but my coworker was dying. in the same call, shortly after the towel/kiss incident, my other sister mary shoved a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth with no warning. my coworker was like "this is like watching a reality tv show!" haha there was also a point when my other sister olivia was screaming and chewing out one of my sisters over playing the DS. i told her that my coworker could hear her and then she whispered sorry and was totally embarrassed. goodness gracious, i sure love these people though. i feel lucky every day that we're the same blood. and i'm grateful that everyone is always there for one another and that we're close. so close in fact, my brother jared told gloria he had been using her toothbrush the entire two weeks at the end of the trip. don't worry we all found that disgusting! sorry for calling you out bro, but i want to remember that :)

anyway get ready for 45374857 photo diaries of this trip. it's gonna be a picture overload! here are some pictures from our first day getting there.
 i don't know why i dressed like a complete tourist to the airport. not pictured is my camera hanging around my neck to top off my look. also, don't ask why i used a duffle bag. i should have used a roller suitcase to give my shoulder a break!
 waiting for momma to get the rental cars...always the funnest part.
 the first thing we did as soon as we got to our house was head straight for the beach.
 i love family walk and talks.
we found the cutest little rope swing right on the beach!
 does this not look like the perfect beach night with the fire and moon?!
 still crazy about each after all this time. i love these lovebirds.

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  1. In love with all your photos. Such a gorgeous family! Where abouts in Hawaii did you stay? Where did you hire your jeep? Just planning ahead of my trip to Hawaii haha