August 22, 2015

 august 2, 2014
a couple random photos from our reception, and also our honeymoon in st. thomas a year ago! the reception pictures are from the tongan part of our program we had that night. (hopefully real soon, i will post ALL of our wedding day photos!)

when i look back on our wedding day, i can remember so many things that did not go as planned. by that point, i was checked out and so overwhelmed with wedding details and trying to plan everything that i didn't want to make one more decision. haha which is probably why my flowers turned out like crap! that's one area i should've been on top of. if you haven't heard me rant about my flowers yet, let me tell you, i HATED my flowers and wish that i would've been a stickler about finding my own florist, rather than letting people recommend whoooo-the-freak-ever to me. (this is when i wish i had older sisters!) i didn't think flowers were something people could mess up, and i'm not crazy picky just as long as they look nice and work with your colors, so that's why i didn't pay too much attention to it. but let me tell you, people can mess up flowers...and bad! i crrrrrrringe every time i see mine in photos. or every time i see a beautiful bouquet. would you believe me if i told you looking at them makes me physically sick? i actually gag every. single. time. i sound dramatic, i know. but i promise it really was that bad. if i ever figure out photoshop, i have no shame in editing the crap out of those dreadful colors! (it's sort of a sore spot still if you can't tell!) and if i recommend anything to a future bride, flowers matter! don't use any ol' florist out there and don't be shy to ask them to put a sample together for you. anyway, ending my random tangent about flowers now and on with the good stuff.

regardless of all the things that didn't go according to plan, i still got to marry my very best friend on a sunny day in august, and celebrate the whole day with our amazing family and friends. it truly was the best day ever. the amount of love and support we felt was absolutely unreal. so many people bent over backwards for us and went out of their way to make our day special. and so many people came from out of town just for that weekend. it was seriously the best celebrating with each other and all the people we love most. weddings are kinda amazing because they bring together every single important person in your life, in one room, and you get to party with them all day! thinking of that day makes my heart ache with gratitude and i feel like a lucky girl.

during this past year, we've had more than our fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows, fights and makeups. we've had a lot of growing pains and learning curves. we've seen each other at our worst moments and our best moments, and at our happiest times and saddest times. we've had terrible days, but also really really super wonderful days—the kind where you feel like life just absolutely couldn't get any better.

i don't claim to be a love and marriage guru by any means, 'cause i know we have so much left to learn in the years ahead. but if i've learned anything over the last year it's that marriage requires hard work. it requires sacrifice. it requires compromise (unless you're identical human beings who possess the same brain and love the exact same things). it requires to be understanding. it requires compassion and love and commitment and patience. it's also the best thing i've ever done, and the funnest, most rewarding kind of hard work i'll ever do.

our relationship isn't perfect. we have to work at it every day to make it a little better. beej and i come from two totally different worlds and backgrounds. like we literally and truly could not be more opposite. i'm an extrovert and loud and crazy and love to have fun all of the time. and he's an introvert and more calm and reserved than i am. but we love each other like crazy. and i think our differences help each other be better in more ways than one.

at the end of the day, i feel blessed to be married to someone who is incredibly loyal and committed, and someone who intensely loves and cares about me. i love this handsome man with beautiful blonde hair and striking blue eyes so much. more than i'll ever be able to put into words.

so here's to marriage. happy one year, beej! i think you're pretty sweet and i'm glad we're married. i love you!

to wrap up this sappy and super personal blog post, i wanted to share a rather long list that i started writing the other day of things i never want to forget about this guy (mostly for my own memory), so here goes...

1. he never folds his clothes right side out. he’ll throw his socks in the washing machine all bunched up (how are they supposed to get clean?!) and then sometimes not pair them with the right sock. i always have to go through his clothes and refold them!
2. he sleeps with a stuffed animal giraffe (that he won for me at lagoon) over his face every night.
3. he never complains about the 8 alarms that i have set to go off every morning. like literally never complains about it.
4. he’s a silent workhorse, always doing things without ever being told.
5. he loves to play hockey, golf, and tennis.
6. he loves Pepsi. (i’m trying to get him off that crap!)
7. he loves cuddling to sleep.
8. he loves movie theater popcorn. sometimes we’ll stop by the movies just to pick up popcorn and not see a movie.
9. he likes being early or on time to things. (you should see us get ready for the airport...)
10. his top lip puckers out just a little bit over his bottom lip and i think it’s the cutest thing.
11. he has the littlest butt.
12. he brings me home roasted red pepper lobster soup from work (at zupas!) on the regular.
13. he loves the outdoors. and is good at hiking, rock climbing, and all that other outdoorsy stuff i rarely participate in.
14. he’s a simple guy.
15. he has the softest hair. like so soft I twirl my fingers through it every night and fall asleep. (which is funny, because when I was a baby I would suck my thumb and twirl my mom’s hair to fall sleep.)
16. he is also a religious shower-er. he sometimes showers twice a day.
17. he is a total introvert. and I couldn’t be more extrovert, so i guess we balance each other out.
18. he’s super ticklish right under his rib cage.
19. he always smells good, but rarely wears cologne. he smells like clean laundry with a mixture of his deodorant and body wash. i love it!
20. he’s the worst person to ride a tandem bike with. or maybe I’m the worst. either way, we will never ride a tandem bike together ever again.
21. he can’t stand little kid boogers. (with our future children, I’ll do the boogies and he’ll do the blood!)
22. he looks super super hot with a hat on. or a beanie. or with his hair in a ponytail.
23. he mows the lawn on tuesdays or saturdays.
24. he loves starbursts, hot tamales, and pringles (the original! who the heck likes original?)
25. he loves when our bed is made.
26. he loves to read, as well as listen to audible books.
27. he’s dyslexic, which totally makes for funny conversations sometimes.
28. he hates if i talk to him while he’s going to the bathroom.
29. he wears old spice deodorant.
30. he’s playful.
31. he can fix ANYTHING. He’s quite the handy man.
32. he’s street smart.
33. he learned how to string a tennis racket just by watching for a half an hour. to this day, i still don't know what i'm doing.
34. he’s so so so good at packing! he can organize and rearrange anything to make it fit. this makes moving a total breeze! (he actually did ALL of the packing and moving on our last move)
35. he has chicken scratch handwriting.
36. his car is always messy.
37. his upper body is freakishly strong.
38. he hates listening to music super loud in the car. (i could not be more opposite...i’m like crank it!)
39. he loves hawaii.
40. he is loyal to the core.
41. he’s stubborn.
42. he has the bluest eyes.
43. he has a tattoo on his left forearm that i find incredibly attractive.
44. he has broad shoulders and little hips. i know that when he’s an old man, he’ll be one of those old guys with just a belly. i’m pretty sure everything else will stay the same.
45. he was named after bj hunnicutt from MASH, which is still one of his favorite tv shows.
46. he loves playing wackee 6.
47. he grows sexy facial scruff.
48. he can also grow a mean beard that’s thick and full.
49. he has the furriest eyebrows. and the most perfect ears (random i know, but i notice these things!)
50. he’s hard on himself.
51. he rarely procrastinates. he likes to be on top of things and get them out of the way as soon as possible. (i wish i was like this!)
52. he has a kind, soft heart.
53. he’s so good at driving. like he’s one of those people you get into the car with and you feel like you never have to wear your seatbelt. my dad was driving with him one time and even said “i like the way you drive, bj!” he’s also a boss at parallel parking.
54. he’s a fixer. if i’m stressed or upset, he likes to fix the situation and come up with a solution right away. which can be a good and bad thing, depending on what the situation is. ;)
55. he always asks for my opinion or what i would do, which makes me feel valued.
56. he kisses me every morning before he leaves for work, even if we’re in a fight. like even if we're in the nastiest of nastiest fights, he still kisses me before he leaves for the day.
57. he is much more religious and better with “church stuff” than i am.
58. nothing drives him more crazy than when i honk my horn at people.
59. he doesn't enjoy being in front of a camera, but he'll do it for me. 
60. during the winter, every time he gets in the car, he leans over and turns my heat seater on.
61. he's a dang good kisser.
62. he loves me like cray-zay.

also, funny memory: the first "real" time he kissed me was under the mistletoe during college at my house in december 2011. he completely caught me off guard, as we were totally just friends at the time. like i was so caught off guard, i remember thinking “what the heck was that man?!" we were walking out the door and all of a sudden he just grabbed me and planted one on my face. i was totally in shock! (but i also remember secretly liking it) the point of telling that story is that he’s impulsive and spontaneous, which i love. i also have never felt weird or awkward when he touches me. you know those guys that timidly put their arm around you and you’re like “yep, this is uncomfortable.” well luckily, that’s never been the case with him. beej just goes for it. haha there’s always been this easiness when he hugs or kisses or touches me. and i love that. (also, the time we actually count as our first kiss was at my aunt’s house when we were in arizona for my brother’s farewell, shortly after this mistletoe kiss!)

stay tuned for a fun little video we made for our anniversary :)

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