August 24, 2015

highlights from day 10 of hawaii below!

after work, we hit up the beach behind our house for a bit (like we did every other day) before heading to climbworks to do some zipping with the whole family! this was one of my favorite days of the trip and it was so fun getting to do it with everyone. it's one of my favorite memories i have with my family.
 how did our dad get stuck with so many girls? :)
utah state, hey! aggies all the way! so fun getting to catch up with friends from the good ol' days :) i swear we were just going to college and living in logan yesterday. it's crazy how fast time flies. and i can thank kristin (on the right) for being the reason my best friend is natalie.
olivia is so brave. she was the first to zip down!
i love these people so much. like so much my heart physically hurts. 
how cute are these two?! my parents are one of a kind. (and yes...my dad is peeling on his right arm. he got frrrried the first beach day. so in case you were wondering, yes, brown people can burn too!)
every time we zipped in, i thought i was going to take out a guide. i'm sure, for them, going to work every day is a total workout.
 mary: can you take a picture of me with this, like, in the background? (you got it, baby girl.)
you are beautiful, hawaii! everywhere i looked on the zip tour was breathtaking.
i love these two! i've never met two human beings that are as nice and happy as adam and kristin. they are literal saints and the sweetest people ever. we all went to college together and used to hang out all the time. and then we all graduated, got married, and moved. it was fun getting to catch up with them and reminisce about our logan days! adam's brother actually started climbworks, so they both get to work here every day. talk about a dream. (thanks for the tees, guys!)
highlights from zipping:

watching my parents zip. 

me taking an eternity to walk off the deck and repel down. it happened on two occasions. and i'm pretty sure one of the guides nudged me off the second time. (i'm really working on not being such a scaredy pants.)

we did a race where you had to pull yourselves up a rope to the top deck. my 52-year-old dad beat my brother. he's a beast, i tell you. i had to go against mala, and i even got a head start, and she still beat me. i am SO weak. i seriously need to go lifting or something.

they have a new line they just finished that is half a mile long. half a freaking mile long. and it totally feels like it. you feel like you're zipping forever. it was amazing.

zipping through so much greenery, over beautiful landscape, and above lush farmland.

getting water breaks when we were dying for thirst, and taking a snack break on one of the last zips to eat fresh grape tomatoes, grown right on keana farms (the farm climbworks is on).

racing each other down the zips to see who could make it in first.

if you're on north shore, you gotta go to climbworks. it's a straight up blast. you won't regret it!
everyone was super tired that night from beaching and zipping. when we got home from climbworks, my mama made her famous shrimp tacos. my mouth is salivating just thinking about them right now. we keep telling her to start her own cooking show (she would be hilarious and her food is so dang delicous). i know that picture on the left isn't the most aesthetically pleasing of my taco, but trust me when i say my mom's shrimp tacos are mouth drooling, finger-lickin-good. here's also a random picture i found of gloria. jus' cause she uh cutie. 

during dinner (and well after dinner), us kids got one of masa's famous life lessons. i used to strongly dislike them when i was younger because they usually tied into tennis somehow and he would go on for forever. now that i'm older, i appreciate them so much more and really enjoy listening to his advice and insight. he's a wise guy that dad of mine. this night's lesson was particularly focused on being grateful, never being too good for people, and working your butt off.

that is my 10-year old sister, olivia,  stretching my 16-year old sister, mala. if you can't tell from mala's face, she's not the most flexible human being. mala asked olivia to help her stretch every night and olivia took this responsibility very seriously. (she's like a grown adult...i can really hang with that girl and we can chit chat for hours). olivia loves gymnastics and she stretches every day. she knew so many different stretches and just how to position mala. it was hilarious to watch.

conversations usually went something like this, and normally took place during mario kart tournaments.

olivia: mala, we GOTTA STRETCH RIGHT NOW.
mala: k, one sec.
olivia: no mala, you wanted me to help you and we need to stretch NOW...LET'S GO
mala: twenty minutes.
olivia: i'm not going to help you then.
mala: k fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine i'm coming

this whole situation made me laugh so hard. whether it was listening to olivia keep on top of mala, or listening to mala ask olivia about stretching, it just made me grateful for these siblings of mine. 

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