August 25, 2015

highlights from day 11 of hawaii!
thursday was a slow day. we bummed real hard and mostly hung out at the house. once i was done with work, i went straight to the beach out back, laid my towel out, and took a big fat nap. except that's not me taking the nap.
hahaha i sound annoying in this video. i remember that day i was so hungry, my hands were shaking. i don't know why! i think i just pushed through work that day without taking a break or even stopping to eat a snack, and i just hadn't eaten all day. it was weird. as you can see in the video, no one cares and gloria tells me to shut up. haha i physically could not wait for them to finish making dinner, so i ate two bowls of cereal in the meantime.
my mom, jared, and mary all went out to shark's cove this day. the rest of us didn't go because some of us have bad memories there. bad memories as in almost dying haha but they also ended up going to dole plantation and matsumoto's this day, and gone much longer than we thought they would be. so we were left to fend for ourselves. i think this meal turned out pretty good don't ya think? and it was without any of mom's help. i mean, look at the carrots mala cooked. perfection. also, sticky rice is the best rice.
 my sis is so pretty. me and mala snapped a few fun pics of her that night.
 left: total exhaustion from too much work and too much sun.
right: what my brother has to do when he shares a room with all girls.
while the rest of the family went to see mission impossible, me, gloria, and mala enjoyed the house to ourselves, watched a movie, and ate ice cream in bed. (ben&jerry's cookie dough never lets me down)

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