August 25, 2015

highlights from day 12 of hawaii!
work. beach. eat. mario. sleep. repeat. 

i don't remember if it was this day or another, but one of the days we went to the beach the tide was super high. we laid our towels out far enough up so the water wouldn't reach us (or so we thought), but sure enough, while we're all laying out (some half asleep and dreaming) a huge wave crashed and the water engulfed everyone from head to toe. our towels and clothes and everything got soaking wet. thankfully i chucked my phone out of the way in time!
that night we had dinner at two places because some people wanted papa ole's and some wanted kahuku grill, so we went to both. if you go to papa ole's, you gotta get the garlic chicken or garlic shrimp! both are so good. i don't remember why my dad and brother weren't with us when we left for dinner, but we pulled up to papa ole's and they were also getting dinner! that was without any previous planning, but i guess i shouldn't be surprised...we are on an island after all.

after papa ole's, we headed over to kahuku grill for those who wanted coconut shrimp. normally we've had really good experiences there, but that time was bad. every time i look at this picture of burnt shrimp, i'll remember that night.  

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