August 27, 2015

saturday morning, my mom got up early to take my brother and dad to the airport. they were heading to maui for the day to attend my cousin torry's wedding in hana! us girls met up with her at the swap meet to shop. i've done the swap meet so many times, i get sick of it fast. however, if you're looking for jesus sandals, that's the place to hit up! once we got there, i think we walked a quarter of the way through before deciding to peace out. we made it to a few of the shops we for sure wanted to hit, and then we were done. my favorite purchase from the swap meet was my ukulele! i had been wanting one for so long and now i can practice and hopefully get better.
after the swap meet, we went to costco to get hotdogs and gas. let me tell you, i have never seen anything more crazy or chaotic in my life. it was a total MAD HOUSE. granted it was a saturday, but still, holy crap. i was driving up and down for forever just looking for a parking spot. finally i saw a car pulling out in my rear view mirror of a space i'd just passed. i cranked the jeep into reverse and gassed it straight back to the space, just in time for another car try to steal it from me! luckily, i had more room than they did to squeeze in, and we got the spot. i'm pretty sure they were pissed after though. once we ate our hotdogs and grabbed gas (both craaaazy long lines), we headed back to north shore.
of course by the time we got back to north shore, we were hungry again. we drove up to shark's cove where the elephant truck was for some thai food! i know, we're kind of obsessed. i seriously love that place. when we were leaving the elephant truck, it started raining and we didn't have the cover on the jeep. we drove for so long with the music up, jeep cover off, and rain pouring down into the car. it was so much fun. just getting to drive the jeep around the island for two weeks with the top off was a blast. but with the rain? even better.
we had a pretty chill night with just the girls. we went to the beach to watch the sunset and take a few pics. eh, maybe more than a few pics. (i have a ridiculous amount of just the three of us in the same position, different faces) and we hung out boys free at the house that night! with so many girls in our family, and all of us being rather open, we sometimes forget to filter what we're saying. and it really drives both our dad and brother crazy. haha my brother is always saying "reeeeally? can you not talk about that in my presence?" they're troopers for dealing with a household of women :)
i'm so grateful for my sisters. i'll tell ya, sisterhood is somethin' special. and i'm sure brotherhood is too...but my brother has no brothers, so we only hear how much he loves having all sisters ;) 

i love these two so much. i could hang out with them all day every day and never ever get sick of being with them. my future kids are going to be so spoiled and loved and have the best dang aunties ever.

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