August 31, 2015

highlights from day 14 of hawaii below!
sunday morning my mom and mary left early to pick my dad and brother up from the airport. it was a quick trip to maui for them as they were only there for, literally, 24 hours, and then my dad would be leaving before the rest of us and heading back to salt lake later that evening. (we made a lot of trips back and forth to honolulu for airport drop offs and pick ups this vacation!)

so the rest of us girls took off for the day. first stop: crispy grindz for acai bowls. i may have also tried ordering for everyone to make things simple. bad idea. everyone was like, "no i don't want coconut! and i want extra banana! and i want extra granola! and i want strawberries instead of banana! and i want the regular size! and i want the small! and is there honey? i want honey!" so we may have had to completely start over on our order. and the guy was just looking at me like, you all are freaking crazy. and then i'm like, can we all just get the same order and be happy with it?! haha i felt like i was experiencing a mom moment or something. anyway, everyone got their custom order and everyone was happy. 

we also asked olivia if she likes hanging out with the older sisters and she said, "sometimes you guys are fun and other times you guys are really annoying." so there's that. wise words spoken from my 10-year old sister. 
we didn't quuuite make it to church, but this will do. we headed straight to sunset beach after acai bowls to soak up some last minute rays of sun before we went home. i seriously love this beach. the water is aqua in the shallow parts and so clear.  
i brought my nice camera into the water and was so nervous i was going to get taken out by some random wave and it would get all wet. luckily, it stayed dry! this is me timidly getting into the water trying not to get my hands wet.
when we got to the beach, olivia was the only one who wanted to get in the water, which resulted in her saying, "you guys are so lame and boring. all you guys do is lay out." in her defense, laying out probably sounds like the most boring thing ever to a 10-year old, but i love laying on a towel in warm sand and dozing off more than anything, so i'm fine with it. (i also don't love the whole drying off part at the beach and then getting into the car wet and feeling sticky.) but that girl loves to be active and doing something at all times. we ended up getting in the water, well me and gloria...mala wasn't about to, because i couldn't really stand watching her swim all by her lonesome out there. when we were ready to leave and get out, she asked for five more minutes and she just swam all by herself out there, bouncing up and down, and swimming around. she's an independent one that baby sis of mine.
liv was so excited we decided to join her! 
 oldest and youngest.
before browning lotion.
 after browning lotion. 
when we were leaving the beach and getting into our car, some guy approached us—i don't remember if he was walking or riding a bike—but he basically lectured us for parking too far over the sidewalk, and then said something like "leave some room for the rest of us!" i looked at all the other cars by us, and everyone was parked up just as far as us. i just thought that guy can go put a stick up his butt.
after the beach, we headed home to meet up with the rest of the fam and get ready for family pics. we didn't do anything professional. my cousin kaycee just snapped a few pics for us before my dad had to leave. it was really hard to get a picture with everyone smiling and eyes open and someone not covering someone else's face. but i still love these photos. i also didn't try to pare these down, so there's a lot. :)
so grateful for these five siblings of mine.
 dad kept forgetting to smile. haha
all the girls! 
 and all the boys!
the best parents. i know everyone thinks that about their own, but seriously, these two are somethin' else. i thank god for them every day.
mala and olivia holding hands!!!!!!! ah i die. i wish i could insert the crying emoji with tears flooding down. these are mah girls. my best friends foreva. i love 'em so much.
mary wanted a picture with just me because my birthday was coming up. i love this little nugget.
and then mom wanted a picture. this is my main lady. i love her.
these are my people. my favorite people.

i'll never be able to put into words the love i have for my family. sometimes i try, and i know i'll keep trying, but no words ever sound good enough.

i love each and every single person in this picture with my whole heart. i'd die for any of them—literally. occasionally, i have random crying episodes because i start thinking about how much i love them and i'll sob uncontrollably. (i promise i'm not an emotional trainwreck!) my husband has witnessed this and it comes without warning.

with a big family comes a lot of personalities, and that's probably my favorite part about mine. we all have such different personalities, but we're also all so similar at the same time.

i think the thing i'm most thankful for is the simple fact that we all have each other's backs, right down to the youngest. and that's probably the best thing about families in general. it's an "i got you, you got me" mentality. in my family it's like, mess with one of us, and you mess with alllll of us. that includes not only my immediate family, but extended, too. i grew up with tall, big, strong cousins that are the most over protective, loving guys i know. they always had my back and watched out for me and my siblings. but more importantly, if there's two people you don't want to mess with, it's my parents. just think of the fiercest, most powerful papa lion and the toughest, most protective mama bear. those are my parents. but in human form.

i'm grateful my parents made it a priority to be close. growing up, not being close wasn't an option. not being there for each other wasn't an option. my dad would constantly emphasize things like "if your sister or brother need help, you help them" or "if your brother or sister need a place to live, you give them a place to live" or "if your brother or sister are in a money pinch, you give them money" there was this constant reinforcement of family and taking care of one another.

if we got in a fight with another sibling, we were forced to hug it out or say something we liked about the other person. and if it didn't look like a tight bear hug or we didn't sound sincere enough, we would have to do it again. usually we said things like, "you have a nice smile" or "i like your hair" haha (typing that and reading it just now made me laugh, so that was a "real" haha) it obviously sucked at the time when we were just kids, but stuff like that has stuck with me and i know it's contributed to why we're close today. we as siblings truly owe everything to our parents.

here's to you, family. i love you guys.
youngest to oldest. i always wonder what it would be like to have older siblings. i'm sure it's pretty fun ;) (also, cheesy lineup, i know. but we had to.) 
my favorite faces. forever.
big time mama's boy. big time.
dad and his girls. we love our pops!
since my mom had driven to the airport twice in 24 hours, me, glo, and mala drove my dad to the airport after family pics, which is pretty much the only reason he came back to the north shore—just to snap a few photos with us. haha i feel bad he had to drive all the way back that day, just to turn around a few hours later and go back to honolulu that night.

also, funny story. we get to the airport and since i was driving, the girls got out to help my dad with all of his baggage. they walked into the airport with him, and i didn't think they were going to be that long—but sure enough they were, and sure enough there was a guy regulating people who were parked for too long.

so he comes over and tells me to move. and i'm like, "hi. hello. one second please. my sisters are just about to come out!" i try calling them, only to realize both of their phones are in the car and i don't see them anywhere. so the guy's like, "yeah, you're gonna need to circle around."

i don't know how, but i got lost. somehow i missed the terminal exit and got on a freeway going west, heading in the complete opposite direction of the airport. so i'm just driving. and driving. and driving. not seeing an exit where i can immediately pull off and flip a u-turn. i'm thinking why is there not an exit right now! i end up coming to a dead end where there was some sort of military post. i was kinda freaked out because there were no other cars around and it was late. like why is it so dead right now on this road?! and i have no idea where i am.

anyway, i slowly roll in, and this big military guy in full uniform holding a GIGANTIC gun, falling from his shoulder to mid thigh—no joke—emerges from a little check-in hut. he was rather serious and stern, never breaking a smile. i was so freaked out, so of course i start babbling and spewing off a million words at once, explaining that i just made a wrong turn and i'm trying to get back to the airport. he asks for my license and i'm like, "uuuuuhhhhhhh sorry i don't have my license." and then i made up some excuse that i wasn't even supposed to be driving. (the sad part is i always forget to bring my license when i drive! don't judge me) then he asks for my phone and says he needs it as collateral to ensure i was really making a u-turn and not gonna drive off onto the base or something. (what is this!) so i hand him my phone and he's just walking alongside my car, holding my phone, until i get to the point where i can make a u-turn. then he hands it back to me. and reminds me to put on my seatbelt. of course i'm not wearing my seatbelt! hahahaha oh my gosh, like of course i'm not driving with my license and of course i'm not wearing my seatbealt. i was just breaking rules left and right. 

i finally got the freak outta there and made it back to the airport just as the girls were walking out. i picked 'em up and we headed to a mcdonald's for 20 minutes where we waited to pick up our cousins who were flying in and needed a ride back to north shore. once we picked them up, we headed straight back and i knocked out on the drive! that was just too many times to honolulu in one weekend ;)

stay tuned for probably the most memorable day of the trip on the next post!

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