August 16, 2015

highlights from day 2 of hawaii below!
our backyard felt so private. this was my view working from the patio one morning. i love this time of day! it makes waking up at 5am totally worth it.
everyone got FREAKING FRIED this day (except for me...i showed up a little late so i wasn't in the sun as long as everyone else). pretty much everyone in my family got burned so bad that it hurt to sleep that night. i remember sleeping in between my sisters and neither one would lay on their backs. even my dad, who is pretty dark, got so sunburned. my cousin that lives there was like y'all need to slow bake, what were you guys thinking!

i remember everyone being like i wanna get tan!!!!!!! i'm not wearing sunscreen!!!!!!! eat me up sun!!!!!! right now!!!! little did we know. at several points we were like, "are we even getting tan right now?! i don't think i'm getting tan!!!" hahaha i'm laughing as i type this because the sun at hukilau beach totally rocked us that day. we got tan, that's for sure. we just did it the hard, unhealthy way. we were not smart whatsoever by not putting on sunscreen! (ah! palm to forehead) some extreme skin-conscious person is probably reading this right now thinking you idiots.
what would the beach be without burying someone in the sand? btw our cousins that live in provo happened to plan their hawaii trip the same time as us. it was completely unplanned for all of us to be there at the same time, but we were so excited when we found out our trips collided. we hung out with them a lot during the week they were there, which was so fun because we love the kaufusis! my brother and i practically grew up with alexis, bronson, and corbin.
 two words: gloria's hair.
 so toasty.
the gate for our carport looks exactly like the fence. right before this picture, my mom was pushing the fence, not the gate, and goes "gosh this is heavy!" hahaha she's so cute.
the elephant truck!!!!!!!!! my favorite pad thai. their new spot is right across from shark's cove on north shore.
 and thai tea!!!!!
 olivia watching a movie. i die.
 all the sistas.
 my mario-kart-addict-partner-in-crime.
my cousins bronson and corbin spoke to a group of young men at the LDS church in laie. we all went to listen and hang out. this is all of the girl cousins! family rules.

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