August 17, 2015

highlights from day 3 of hawaii below!
this is the beach that was right behind our rental house. that day i took my hour lunch break to go for a morning walk with my family. my sister mala injured her knee a little while ago, so my dad used this time for "masa's rehab" and would do knee exercises with her to strengthen her muscles. he's so great like that.
not sure why my dad's shirt is on his head, but he's a boss and can roll like that. no questions asked. and i'm pretty sure mala's  face was so sunburned, she wanted it completely covered, which made her look like a total beach zombie in these two pictures. i love these people. we do what we want!
not really the cutest picture of us 3 (i should speak for myself), but for memory's sake. 
elephant truck two days in a row. the usual pad thai and thai tea!
do NOT mess with a tukuafu WHEN THEY ARE HUNGRY.
as much as i love waimea bay (like i really do love that place so much), the beach right behind our house was way closer (10-minute walk or 20-second drive if we were being lazy), less crowded, and just as calm to swim in. plus we didn't have to walk in the hot sand for 1,546,000 miles like we have to at waimea (exaggerating about the mileage, but why is the sand so blessed hot at waimea?! still love that place tho) we came here to swim pretty much every day! i really wish that water mark didn't get in the way of all our pics. this was the best one we got! we're just missing mala, who would not get in the water because she didn't want her sunburn to get anymore sun haha. so she was chillin on the beach alone when we took this. also, we love our brother who deals with our daily drama and girl talk! he's the best.
hangin' with our cousin kaycee.
when you're tryin' real hard to get a cute sibling pic. mary looks like she is upchucking water and olivia looks like she's drowning. these kinds of pics are way more priceless than cute ones.
i see you, brutha.
i still don't understand how people open their eyes under water. i physically can't do it. when i go under water, my eyes are tightly closed and i'm blowing out hard through my nose. which is clear in the picture on the right.
i never get sick of these two. never ever.
my cousin's kid, baby jared (named after my brother!) you wouldn't know by looking at these three pictures, but this kid has the BIGGEST, toothiest smile you have ever seen in your whole life. it's absolutely contagious. i wish he would have smiled for me in at least one of these! there was a time when he loved all of us girl cousins holding him and oodling at his every move. but not no mo'! most of the time, you can lure him in if you show him some sort of technological device with a bright screen. my sister did that and he watched a video of someone unwrapping an egg to find a smaller egg inside that egg and so on, over and over.
this is everyone heading out after my other cousin's kid's two-year old birthday party. they had a BBQ at their house with everyone and tons of yummy food and good music! (have i mentioned that i have a lot of cousins? haha)
my little cousin zion. big brother to baby jared! the sweetest, most obedient child ever. he will literally do anything you tell him to do. and he always gives us a hug and kiss when he sees us. plus, he's got the cutest, tightest locks on his head! we were playing mario kart on the DS one night and after we finished one of the races, he just came over quietly with a smile on his face and gently pulled the DS out of my sister's hand so he could play. he's such a little crack up!
after the birthday party, we went to the beach and there was a full moon out! the moon was so bright, it lit up the whole beach. it was so ridiculously beautiful and picturesque, my camera could not do it any sort of justice. but it's in my memory forever. it was so fun sitting in the soft sand, listening to the waves crash, just chattin' it up about life and everything in between. 
blurry, but whatevez.
just close your eyes on purpose when the flash is too bright.
zion is such a little cutie!!!!!
nephew and uncle time. the boys mixin' kava laaaate!

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  1. i could definitely go for some hawaii sun right about now.