August 18, 2015

highlights from day 4 of hawaii below!
while i was at the house working and also trying not to be sick (this is about the time when my cold kicked in), the whole family went on a hike to some waterfall. i wanna say it was laie falls? anyway, i was super bummed i missed this! it looked way fun.
yeaaaah these are definitely snapchats i screenshotted. (super great quality, i know!) and that's my uncle steve (technically my cousin) superman-ing from the top of the waterfall.
angel's ice cream! (the light would not adjust, so my ice cream is totally whited out) but holy heaven the coconut haupia is the creamiest coconut ice cream i've ever eaten. the cotton candy was really good, too. (like up there with thrifty's cotton candy...what!) and so was the banana. yeah, we ate a lot of ice cream this trip. maybe every day. and i may have justified that it made my throat feel better. we were always making little runs to angel's or to foodland for melona bars. (now don't even get me started on that stuff...SO DANG GOOD)
this is the night we went to PCC and met up with our cousins for the luau dinner. i remember feeling totally sick and achy this night, but regardless, i didn't want to just sit at home alone and be a bum.
 the little doppelgangers walking together. my sister mala and my dad are so much alike.
tonga forever! i am so proud and grateful for my culture. sometimes i think it's totally crazy how i ended up where i am. i wouldn't be where i am had the people before me not made the sacrifices they did. tonga is where my dad's family started and where he spent his first ten years of life. to think they made it to america from this teeny tiny island in the south pacific just blows my mind. it's one of the top places on my bucket list to visit.
 mary trying to get in on the hand holding action.
 totally snuck this picture with my phone when the girl wasn't looking.
 the luau food wasn't the best in my opinion, but hey, it's all for the experience. am i right?
 i want to try making one of these at home!
cousins! just missing alexis and daryl.
tall genes run in our blood (my cousin corbin is 6'10"!)
 shaka brah!
the guy who took this was so funny. he was trying different angles, gettin' some low ones and high ones. they're still not our best family photo (rain kept getting on my lens!), but again, for memory's sake.

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