August 19, 2015

highlights from day 5 of hawaii below!
day 5 in hawaii was a quick one for me. it was a friday and i was taking the red eye back to utah that night to celebrate my anniversary with beej for the weekend (which i'll get to!) my mom and brother waited for me to finish up with work before meeting the rest of the gang at waimea. we were literally at waimea for 20 minutes before everyone decided they were starving, so we stayed long enough to take a quick dip and then headed out to haleiwa for lunch! 
remember the second day when everyone got fried at hukilau beach? well my friends, this is the sad aftermath of not wearing sunscreen and baking in the sun. my sisters thought if they kept moisturizing with aloe and coconut oil, they wouldn't peel. my sister mala kept saying i'm on a "no sunburn mission!" and then it was a "no peel mission!" unfortunately, once you burn, there's just nothing you can do to avoid the peel. thankfully, we were in hawaii long enough that the peeling stopped and our tans evened out. 
waimea is a beauty. even though i thought my feet were going to sizzle off this day—the sand was so hot!
gloria's face in this picture. i laugh so hard every time! she coated her face with sunscreen, which later seeped into her eyes and hurt like a mofo. watching her eyes water were making my eyes water.
after our quick stop at waimea (everyone else was there much longer), we headed to storto's subs in haleiwa for lunch. we were planning on grabbing matsumoto's after, but the line was seriously ridiculous. like it was taking up the entire courtyard of the plaza it's in, and we weren't about to wait that long for shaved ice. so we headed to a shaved ice shop closer to our house called willi willi's, which if i'm being honest, i couldn't tell the difference between that and matsumoto's. (this pic of glo's peeling face makes my skin hurt haha don't worry we learned our lesson and will be wearing sunscreen from here on out!)
i don't know who took this picture of these random birds, but it made me laugh when i saw it on my camera. it's funny the pictures you get when other people (even funnier with little kids) take pictures on your camera. (i also don't think i like birds. and neither does my sister gloria. anyway, just thought i'd put that out there.)
 melona shaved ice!
 sleepy on the drive.
 glo came with my mom to drop me off at the airport!

after waimea, grabbing lunch in haleiwa, and stopping for some shaved ice, we headed back home. of course, i took mala up on a few rounds of mario kart when we got back, which realistically i probably didn't have time for and i'm pretty sure it turned into more than a few rounds, but i had to show her who's boss ;) by the time we were done playing, i hadn't given myself enough time to get ready and organize my carry-on bag so i was totally rushing. sad to say, but this is typically the case every time i go to the airport. it drives my husband freaking CRAZY, but there's a part of me that secretly likes getting to the gate as they're boarding and then i don't have to wait haha i know i'm nuts. anyway, my mom was like "k, jewelz we gotta go...and i'm like 5 more minutes puhlllleeeezzzz!" i said that maybe 6 times. (she did want to make it to costco before they closed so that's why she was hurrying me!) i literally chucked crap into my backpack, didn't shower, and headed to the airport still in my swimsuit and cover up. once i got to the airport and made it to my gate, i was totally wishing i had showered and put on regular clothes. i had so much sand in my swimsuit and my swimsuit was also giving me a big fat wedgie (tmi?), so i went to the bathroom and changed into the one outfit i threw in my backpack. when i was taking my swimsuit off, a waterfall of sand just plummeted to the floor. (sorry to whoever used that stall after me!) it felt so good to be in real clothes though. i can usually sleep on red eyes, but i watched a movie and could NOT fall asleep after. it was okay because i got to sleep in the next day. when i got up to exit the plane, i noticed that sand was still falling off of me and there was a little pile on my seat, and when i got home it was like sand was glued to me. like where was all this sand coming from?! i'm just glad i made it back safely to spend the weekend with my husband!

next post will be from our anniversary weekend in park city!

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