August 23, 2015

highlights from day 9 of hawaii below!
what most mornings looked like. (also, please note mary's face...so intense!)
once i got back to hawaii, i jumped right back into my regular work schedule of 5am-1pm (to match utah's 9-5). for the rest of the trip, we just went to the beach right behind our house. (pictured above) it was great because it was so close and hardly anyone was ever there.
 when i was done with work every day, i'd head straight here.
 most days after the beach we'd go get ice cream down at angel's (the best!) this is banana and haupia...my favorite!
my mom pre-cooked a ton of meals and sent them over in a cooler so we weren't eating out every night. this is her chicken enchiladas, one of my favorite meals that she makes. me and mala were sharing, but we only had one spoon. so while i used the spoon, she used a peanut shell as her utensil. haha
along with our house rental, my dad reserved a spot down at malaekahana beach campground for the two weeks. not sure why the full two weeks, but you gotta love him for it. this night we went down to the camp spot and had a little bonfire and roasted marshmallows by the beach, which was so much fun.

this was also the night that gloria got mad at me and mala because we were obsessively playing mario kart. hahaha there's a little more to the story and i won't go into all the details, but in her defense, she definitely had a right to be annoyed with us. i'm just glad we never actually get into real fights or actually get mad at each other. we all have a huge soft spot for each other and no one can seriously be mad longer than an hour. and don't worry, we made it up to glo and laughed our butts off about that whole situation :)

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