August 21, 2015

 (i don't know what crap was on my phone when we took this, but that's why it looks smudged!)

i'm taking a break from my hawaii posts to document our one year anniversary, which happened to be in the middle of our hawaii trip!

long before beej and i made any sort of plans for our anniversary, my family had been planning this big family trip to hawaii. when my mom gave me the dates and i told beej, it didn't occur to either one of us that our anniversary was in the middle of the trip.

not until about a month (i still can't believe it didn't dawn on either one of us sooner!) before the trip did it hit beej, which he then reminded me and i instantly felt sick because stuff like this is a big deal (at least for me) and you don't get to do it twice. i love to celebrate anything and everything, so the thought of not being together and getting to celebrate our first anniversary together made me so sad! this all sounds very ironic, i know.

once we realized that, we tried coming up with a solution. we talked about celebrating our anniversary before or after the trip, but then neither one of us liked that idea. (just not the same, ya know?) then we talked about flying beej out to hawaii for the weekend, but that didn't work out with his work schedule. then we talked about flying me home for the weekend and then i would fly back to hawaii, which is what we ended up doing. when i tell people that's what we did, they think i'm crazy. the reason why we did that was because i flew out of phoenix to hawaii with my family on hawaiian air. since hawaiian air doesn't fly out of slc, i simply couldn't change my itinerary to just come home to salt lake earlier. if i did that, i still would've had to fly into phoenix, and then book a ticket from phoenix to salt lake. (which was obviously a little cheaper (but surprisingly not by a lot) than what we ended up doing. also, if we did it this way, i would have missed a huge chunk of the trip and only been able to spend a few days in hawaii before having to go home. so comparing the price and time, it just wasn't worth it.) OR i could've cancelled my flight completely, then hawaiian air would've given me a voucher (which i probably wouldn't have used until next year), and then i would've needed to book another ticket with an airline that flew from slc to hawaii if i still wanted to go on the trip. talk about a sticky situation, right?

regardless, we knew it was going to cost something, no matter what we did. so to not make things more complicated with my other ticket, we decided it would be easiest to just book another ticket for me to come home that weekend and then fly back out to hawaii to finish the trip. it was a little more than what it would have cost to book a ticket from phoenix to salt lake and come home earlier, but this way i got to finish the trip with my fam! so i used every last air mile and it was totally worth it!!!! traveling within those two weeks looked something like this: slc>phoenix>hawaii>slc>san diego (layover)>la (layover)>hawaii>phoenix>slc

i'm posting about our anniversary a little late (it was on august 2), but nonetheless, here it is!

i didn't really care what we did that weekend. i'm just glad we got to spend it together—because being together is way more important than anything else. 
beej took the liberty of planning our entire anniversary weekend. i didn't do a thing. he picked me up from the airport saturday morning, we went back to the house, he mowed the lawn, and i showered. (it felt so good to get all that sand off!) then we loaded up the car and went to grab breakfast at sill's heading to park city! i totally fell asleep once we got on the road, but when i woke up we were just pulling in. beej had a full day planned. unfortunately, some of the things didn't work out, but we were okay with that. just as long as we were together. we drove up to the olympic park because we were gonna do the alpine slide, but i didn't bring a pair of closed toe shoes, so we couldn't do it. instead we walked through the little history tour thing they have up there and watched the freestyle show for a few minutes before heading over to park city resort. 

park city resort also has an alpine slide and alpine coaster, but you don't have to wear closed toe shoes! (not sure why the rules are different there? haha) we had been waiting in line for awhile before we realized we had to purchase tickets down below first. so i saved our spot in line while beej went to get tickets. a few minutes later he called me because i had to be physically present to get mine. so we would've had to hop out of line, go get tickets together, then get back in line, and wait. the line was soooooo long, too. it just wasn't worth it!
since the slide and coaster plan didn't work out, we headed to main street for an arts festival that was going on up there. we also parked waaaaay below main street, so we did A LOT of walking. i may have been complaining like a baby about all the walking.
after the festival, we went to check into the hotel and rest for a little bit. beej had made a reservation somewhere, but wouldn't tell me where. once we got to the hotel, we got too comfy to want to go anywhere, so we missed our reservation and just laid in bed and watched a movie. eventually we got super hungry and left the hotel room to grab dinner at red rock. but then we came right back to the hotel and watched another movie. haha we probably sound so lame but that is seriously my kinda night! dinner and a movie makes me so happy. and it was just nice to be together and relax. we picked up a ton of treats from the store earlier, so we just vegged out, watched movies, and played wackee 6 all night!
the next morning, which was the day of our anniversary, we slept in laaate. and holy crap did i need that. all that flying, having a cold, and playing the day before left me exhausted, so it felt good to get a full night's rest!

that reservation beej wouldn't tell me about was for the homestead crater! i had totally been wanting to go there. we'd missed our reservation the day before so we called back to see if we could still go and they were open, so we reserved a time! we grabbed sushi for lunch and then killed some time before our reservation at memorial hill in midway, where we took this picture.
the homestead crater is a hot spring surrounded by a rock dome. so you literally walk through a rock to get to the hot spring. and the water is sooo warm, it was like swimming in bath water! i was sort of scared to get in because i usually don't like swimming in water where i can't see or touch the bottom, but i sucked it up :) i was also so weird about getting too close to the rock wall. so i just floated in the middle. and getting into the water took me a minute, but i finally got in by stepping down the ladder, laying on my back, gently pushing off, and floating away. (wow i just read that and i sound like the biggest pansy! there's literally nothing to be scared of, it's a hot spring!)
i love this cute face.
my life vest was making it difficult to fully immerse under the water, so beej helped me out.
midway is so pretty, and so so quiet! i loved how calm and peaceful it was.
after the crater, we headed back to salt lake to eat our anniversary dinner at one of my favorite italian restaurants, caffe molise. i knocked out on the drive, as pictured on the left of this snapchat picture. i can literally sleep in any position, anywhere, anytime. and the two times i get the sleepiest are if i'm eating (during and after) or if i'm in the car!

in the picture on the right i'm trying to change in the car before dinner. beej has ZERO tint on his new car, so i was trying to be discreet and completely put my other clothes on under my cover up!
so freaking good. i get the ravioli con zucca (right) every time. it's technically an appetizer on the dinner menu, but it always fills me up! 
dessssert! my favorite part.
don't mind that i wore this shirt ALL weekend. literally.
beej dropping me off at the airport monday night! he made breakfast for us that morning and we spent the rest of the day hanging out together before my flight! (also, totally aware that i look like a bum in this photo)
flying past the california coastline.
more layovers means more plane pics.
back to hawaii...

thanks for the best weekend and an amazing anniversary, beej! i can't wait to spend every anniversary together. i love you!

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