September 21, 2015

i wrote this post on the plane last week heading out to new york, and forgot to publish it before getting off. i wanted to remember that morning for a few reasons, because the whole morning was kind of hilarious. so here's a little (actually not) recap.

right now i'm headed to new york, and currently in flight as i type this post. then on to boston monday. (let me just say how much i freaking love in-flight wi-fi and seat plugs!)  

and before i dive into my morning, here's a picture showing you how to look really cute and comfortable at the airport. just wear a pair of old running tights from college and a big shirt, then throw on some slippers, put ya hair in a bun, and wear absolutely no makeup.
i'm joking, people. well, about the how to look cute part. not about the how to be comfortable part. but this is the outcome of running late to the airport. (which is constantly the case with me) i actually slept in this shirt the night before and didn't bother changing out of it. anyway, enough about that.

i started my day off by working until 2:30am. i literally worked all day yesterday. my other copywriter is out of town right now, and boy, i can't wait to have her back. it's been a hellish week at work without her! i'm headed to a marketing conference called INBOUND in boston next week so i wanted to make sure i was caught up on everything before leaving. and since my best friend lives in new york and it's labor day weekend, i wanted to make a pit stop before and after the conference to visit her.

so back to this morning. i finished a project at 2:30am and debated if i should just pull an all nighter or sleep for an hour. i decided to sleep for an hour, which really did nothing. and i woke up a half hour late even though i set, like, 8 alarms. not kidding. i was supposed to get up at 3:30 but didn't actually get up until 4. my flight was at 5:40 and i still had packing to do and a thirty minute drive to make. but of course, this is nothing new. if you've traveled with me, you know this is usually how it goes. i guess in some weird way, i thrive on the challenge? i don't really know.
my sweet husband also insisted on driving me. (beej's face in this photo above! ha he's so tired.) i told him i could drive and park at diamond, but he's a gem and said he wanted to take me. he wouldn't take no for an answer. so he woke up with me to drive me down and back, and then has to go into work later today. that boy is a sweet little nugget. 

we sped to the airport and arrived at 4:50. i was thinking, yeah we made good timing. it wasn't until i checked my bag in (and you bet your butt it was overweight and i had to take stuff out and shove crap in my backpack) and got my boarding pass, that i noticed the outrageously long line for security. holy smokes. for those of you familiar with the salt lake airport, the end of the line started at baggage claim 3 and was slowly crawling its way further and further back. it was INSANE. i have never seen it like that before. i thought i was for sure going to miss my flight, as by this point my flight was boarding in 20 minutes, and this was the longest line i'd ever seen. luckily, they were quickly shuffling people through and the line was moving pretty fast.

also, let me just rant for two seconds about this lady who cut in line. because i was so annoyed. granted, i know i've cut a few lines before in my life so i'm not trying to be critical here. but this lady walks over from check-in, takes one look at the line, and then tries to make nicey nice with the people two spots in front of me and goes, "well by golly i've never seen a line so long! this is just absurd! my flight is at 6...would you mind if i just slip in front of you? i'm not a pain. i'm little and only have one bag." i'm thinking, "lady! there are lots of other little people in this line who also have one bag and also think this line is absurd and are patiently waiting! AND my flight is at 5:40!" like move out of the way sister, i'm on a time crunch. (which granted i did to myself but still...) i was just so agitated my flight time was before hers and she was cutting. and the way she was talking to the people in front of me. i could tell they didn't know what to do. she wasn't really making it easy for them to say no. but if she'd asked me if she could cut, i know my fierce, sassy side would've come out and i would've flat out said no. i know, that's rude. sue me. 

anyway by the time i finally got up to go through security, it's 5:20 and on my ticket it says boarding ends at 5:25, so i'm sort of freaking out and moving really really fast at this point.

i throw my stuff on the belt, prying both my laptops out from my backpack, rearranging my things that are falling out from the crap i had to shove in there, and taking off my shoes when the girl is like "oh no no you don't have to do that!" i was so stressed i didn't even realize i was in the line where i could send my bags as is and walk straight through the detector. i'm like ahhhhh all this time i'm wasting! so i shove it all back in and get my crap together. (i think that's the only reason the line was moving as fast as it was. i felt like security was hustling people through, which is good, but then at the same time i'm like, my safety? haha)

anyway i grabbed my things and then i just sprinted so hard to gate b9. i was flying. i ended up stopping a little before the gate because my backpack felt like it was going to break my back. like i was sprinting so hard i was panting and out of breath and sweating. i could not breathe after that little jolt! haha oh my gosh. i can't remember the last time i ran that fast. (very sad, i know) on my way to the gate, i hear a familiar voice shout "jewelz!" i turn around and it's my cousin alexis. we're obviously stoked to see each other, so we talk for a sec. of course i have time to chat when i think i'm going to miss my plane. we're both like "what are you doing here?!" we hugged it out and then i rushed up to the gate where everyone is standing and some guy says to me "they haven't started boarding yet, don't worry" i'm like phew! thank heavens. so i walked back to hang with my cousin and her friend before i boarded. and we talk some more. she's like wait, are you on the flight to denver? and i'm like yesssss? and she's like so am i! haha like what are the chances? i ended up on the same flight as my cousin. when we landed we grabbed different connecting flights, but it was so fun running into her. she's my fave.

on my flight from slc to denver, i made a new friend, named jim. he's gay, lives in pennsylvania, and does marketing for verizon. he was the guy sitting next to me, and he was seriously the nicest! it was kind of comical. he was helping people with their bags and being insanely friendly to everyone. we didn't talk much until the end of the flight because i knocked out. but we got chatting when we were about to land and we discovered we were both on the next flight to newark together. so he starts telling me, "okay this is what you need to do when you land" and he just starts spitting off directions and telling me what to do if my bag doesn't make it. and then as we're getting off the plane he's like, "you stick with me k, we'll walk to the gate together" i'm just dying. so he lets me go in front of him when getting off the plane, we find the gate for our connecting flight, then walk over together. he had so many bags with him, so i was helping him carry all his stuff. he had like a seat pad, two carry ons and two bags of gifts for his nieces and nephews. i'm like how did you get on the plane with this much stuff? haha anyway i'm helping him with his bags and we're just chatting the entire way to the gate. and if you know me, i'm a very slow walker. well this guy was SPEEDY. i felt like we were speed walk racing. he was walking so fast and so upright, my calves were on fire just trying to keep up. (again, sad i know) anyway we get to the gate and he's like what group are you in, and i'm like 5, which boards last, and he's like k i'm in 1, you stay with me and i'll tell them you're my companion. like just going out if his way. so i'm like sure okay! we get up to the lady and he's like "this is my niece, she's going to board with me" haha she's like "okay" and i'm like awesome. i'm just laughing as we walk through the tunnel and he goes "there's a reason for everything. i think we were supposed to meet each other." and then i'm like "you are so nice thank you so much." and he's like "oh gosh no you're so nice, you're actually helping me (in reference to his bags i think...i wasn't providing much else to this friendship) i guess we're just helping each other." (that conversation i just quoted of us! haha) normally i HATE making small talk with people on flights, but he was so great, i couldn't take it. so we got onto the plane and i helped him load his 6 bags up, and then we parted! because i was sitting way in the back. i really just love when you meet nice, good people out of the blue.

anyway, that's it. next up: new york/boston pics!

(also, does anyone else get annoyed when the person in front of you reclines their seat on planes? or am i the only one? haha)

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