September 30, 2015

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i rarely buy anything full price, let alone at anthropologie, so when they have a sale i take full advantage! right now sale items are an additional 30% off with code XTRAXTRA. i've already ordered items 2,4,6, 9, and 10. i had to stop myself before i got out of control. 

also, a little tip to save some extra cash. if you're like me, i HATE paying shipping. it's like the most annoying thing in the world to me. and anthro shipping is extra obnoxious. unless there's a shipping promotion going on, you will pay shipping every time. they don't have a standard amount to qualify for free shipping either. the shipping price just increases the more you spend, which seems backwards doesn't it? so anyway, i used to pay shipping and then i was like no. i can't pay $15–20 every time. now i shop online, find the items i want, and then i call my local anthro and order over the phone. then shipping is free! it's slightly more inconvenient because it adds an extra step, but hey i'd rather keep that $20. 

*i don't know if EVERY anthro does this. some stores may have different policies. but i would assume most would. i also don't know how it works with furniture orders! just fyi. 

 AND! this polka dot top above that i wore in this post is also on sale!

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