November 23, 2015

 [photo by: whitney brailsford]

yep that's right. we're moving to arizona! i'm so excited i can finally share. this last week has been a total whirlwind. i've barely slept. for the last seven months, we've been living at my mother-in-law's in layton, saving up and deciding what to do next. we'd talked about doing a lot of different things come next year, but ultimately, we planned to wait out beej's contract and then decide from there. but an opportunity for beej to transfer locations suddenly came up and everything just fell into place. now we're packing up and heading to arizona! 

i honestly never thought i would have been in utah this long, but you just never know what life has in store for you. as much as we've loved our time here, we're both so excited for this next chapter in our lives. utah will always hold a special place in my heart. as much as i complain about it sometimes (mostly just about utah culture), it's been a wonderful place to live and grow these last seven years.

utah is where i lived some of the best years of my life. it's where i crossed paths with some of the most amazing and talented people, and where i made some of my very best friends, who will forever be in my life. it's where i had the funnest, most amazing college experience, and where i played five years of tennis alongside the best girls. it's where i met my sweet husband and got married and lived our first year as newlyweds. it's where i learned how to be on my own, and where i learned important and necessary life lessons. it's honestly where i truly blossomed and learned more about myself than i ever thought i would. it's where i had experiences and memories and cherished times that are so dear to my heart, and will be for all time. i met people that changed my life forever. i even became closer with my family (if you can believe that) and really strengthened my relationships with them, even being a whole state away. a lot has happened in the last seven years. my utah days have shaped me into who i am now, and it's been a time i will never ever forget.

we'd talked about ending up in arizona way down the road, but i never thought it would happen this soon. i've always been very close with my family and wanted my kids to grow up around and be close to them, but i thought that would be much further out. i'm a family gal through and through, so this is sort of a dream come true. 

also, we decided not to rent anymore and finally put our savings towards a house. house hunting has also added to the crazy amount of stress this last week. it's hard trying to buy a home out of state and there are so many things to consider. it's been exhausting. i've never called my mom more times in my life. any time i've had a question about anything or needed her to check out a house, she was my go-to girl.

so that's a little update on our life right now. we officially move in two weeks! once we get back from thanksgiving in arizona, we'll head back for a week to pack up, move over the weekend, and then we'll be back down. i have so much to do before we leave. i don't even want to think about it. but i'm going to enjoy thanksgiving and worry about all of that lataaaaa.

since beej starts work fairly soon (dec. 7th) and we definitely won't have a place by then, we're planning on living with my parents for a month or so while we close on a house (from one family member to the next ha). but once we're settled, COME VISIT US! we'd love visitors :)

here's to a new adventure. we're ready for you, arizona! and we can't wait for summer ;) 

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