BYE BYE 2015!

December 31, 2015

just wanted to share a few thoughts about 2015 before the new year arrives. this past year brought a lot of ups and downs, but i'm most grateful that my husband, family, and loved ones are healthy and alive. and that i have good people in my life that i love and love me in return. i feel unbelievably blessed and thankful to god for my life.

-beej graduating college
-moving out of logan and out of our first place together
-working remote full-time
-taking a week long trip to hawaii with beej
-going back to hawaii a few months later for a two-week family trip
-celebrating one year of marriage in park city
-buying our first home
-moving to arizona (we lived at my mother-in-law's for 7 months prior to this move!)
-hanging out lots with glo
-going on a daddy/sisters trip the day after christmas to disneyland
-putting a down payment on our first pup! (coming in 2016)

one thing i definitely want to be better at in the new year is taking care of myself. since i've hung up my tennis rackets and taken a full-time "desk" job (i reeeeeeally miss working out four hours a day with a team and having someone holding me accountable!), i've noticed my health has slowly trickled downhill. so my sisters and i are going on a major health and fitness grind together. we've been talking about it for weeks now and if you'd heard some of our conversations, you'd think we were nuts, but i've never felt more ready to make a change! starting tomorrow, we'll be cutting out all added sugars, soda, white bread, and pasta. i know that sounds totally crazy and it's such a new year's cliche, but i legitimately want to try. and i don't even know how long i'll be able to do it for (i really hope i can keep it up until our family trip this summer), since i'm the queen of making exceptions (which will probably still happen here and there). but we'll see!

i'll miss you, 2015! but i can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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