welcome to lola james! this space is where I share bits and pieces of my love for family, fashion, travel, good food, and stellar tunes.

a little bit about me: i met my husband, bj, at utah state where i was playing tennis and studying business marketing. we dated for three years before getting married in the summer of 2014. we've both graduated from college now and are both working full-time in utah.

i started my blog as a fun and easy way to document my life. and also has a way to share the things i'm most interested in.

i hope you enjoy following along!


  1. You are adorable. My husband is from Mesa, Arizona! Hey Hey, maybe you happen to know each other :) Also, I went to USU too. Faaabulous school.

    1. Wait he is! What high school? And when were you at Utah State!? This is so crazy! Small freaking world :)

  2. Soooo so so cute. I feel like we must have really similar taste because our blogs are similar :) You are so cute.


  3. Just found your blog- I love your outfits! We should swap buttons soon. Maybe for March? I'll get back in touch with you then!
    xoxox- Char

  4. You are adorable! Love that I just discovered you! So looking forward to keeping up with your life.